Wednesday, December 19, 2012

This Isn't Fiction Reading Challenge

I'm joining the This Isn't Fiction Reading Challenge hosted by The Book Garden.

All non fiction genres are allowed

Books must be at least 100 pages long (excluding appendix and annotations)

Books must be read in their entirety and not just in part

No picture heavy books - (books should have a 75:25 text/picture ratio - if it's a big tome with 300 or more pages, then it may be a 50:50 ratio)

ARCs and re-reads are allowed

There are a couple of levels to choose from:

5 Books - Kindergarden

10 Books - Elementary School

15 Books - High School

20 or more Books - College

I'm going to go for the High School level.  I've managed 15 non-fiction in a year before so I know it's possible.  20 would be pushing it.  Yes, yes, I know.  Pushing it is sort of the point of reading challenges.  But I'm a baby who will cry if I fail.  So...

It says I don't have to list my books ahead of time so I won't.  Because I would just have to change the list later when I changed my mind.  The books will be a surprise to you and me both.

If you would like to join the challenge too hop on over to The Book Garden to check out a few more rules and sign up.  Good luck!

1. Big Snake by Robert Twigger (review)

2. Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer (review)

3. Ninja by John Man (review)

4. Death in the Long Grass by Peter Hathaway Capstick

5. Electrified Sheep by Alex Boese

6. Queen of the Oddballs by Hillary Carlip

7. Fire by Sebastian Junger

8. Stars Beneath the Sea by Trevor Norton

9. The Island of Lost Maps by Miles Harvey (review)

10. Endurance by Alfred Lansing

11. The Big, Bad Book of Beasts by Michael Largo

12. Pecked to Death by Ducks by Tim Cahill

13. The Search for the Elements by Isaac Asimov

14. Mysteries of the Deep by Frank Spaeth

15. Chance in the World by Steve Pemberton

16. The Great Arc by John Keay

17. Anatomy of a Beast by Michael McLeod

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Birgit said...

A warm welcome to the challenge and YAY for trying yourself on the High School level (besides there is always the option for a little upgrade, hehe)!

P.S.: I love your blog name!! :-D