Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Movie Review

With Nicolas Cage

Johnny Blaze must fight the devil for a chance to break his curse.

Since it is based on a comic book I expected there to be things that were slightly over the top with a plot that would probably not be acceptable anywhere else.  So I was not disappointed with any of that, even though there was plenty.  There was a lot of action with fire, gunfights and explosions.  There were a few witty lines and some good effects and times of comic book fun.  But I hate the way it was shot.  There was some split screen stuff I didn’t like, and the picture would jump around in a way I found unpleasant, some fast camera moves that didn’t make things easier to follow, and several shots that you could tell were there simply for the 3D effect and I hate when a film does that (and I saw it in 2D so the shots were even worse.)  And there were a couple of eye roll moments too.  If you are a huge Ghost Rider fan or in love with Nicolas Cage go ahead and see this one, just don’t expect too much.  If you are neither of those I wouldn’t bother.  

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