Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tea in a Teashop? Outrageous!

I’m going to rant a little here because this is my blog and I can do that if I want. Anyway…

I hadn’t planned to go out for lunch but as lunchtime rolled around I found I could really use a cup of tea. Because tea sometimes has the ability to make me feel better. But that doesn’t work if it is sold to me by some pompous condescending nitwit who makes me feel like I’m mentally challenged for wanting to buy a single pre-made cup of tea. Now part of it is my fault for going there in the first place. When a Teavana opened up near where I work I, of course, had to rush over and try it. Well, it didn’t go well but I thought I would give them a chance to work out the kinks. But after a few more bad experiences with the place I swore it off. There was a Tealuxe down the street the other way and they were cheaper and nicer. But then I was having tea withdrawals and happened to be near Teavana and gave it another shot. It went much better this time and I lifted the ban on the place. So I went in today. I knew what I wanted and asked the guy behind the counter if I could have a cup of the Youthberry (even though I felt a little silly saying it.) The guy raises one eyebrow ever so slightly and says ‘You caaan,’ in a tone that meant he obviously didn’t recommend it. And then he asked me if I had even gotten tea from them before. I had and I told him so. And he told me it was cheaper to get the loose tealeaves. First, pointing out that your tea is outrageously expensive does not seem like the best pitch to me. Secondly, what? I want a cup of tea. Now. How are tealeaves going to help me? Why can’t he just give me what I want without making it sound like I’m stupid for ordering tea in a teashop? So I swore the place off again. Usually when I need a cup of tea I want to relax not be aggravated by bad service, long waits for no discernable reason, and condescension from the servers.

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