Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dragonbreath Review

Dragonbreath by Ursula Vernon

(from the back of the book)
Danny Dragonbreath is the only mythical creature at a school filled with reptiles and amphibians. He can’t breathe fire like a normal dragon. The school bully keeps stealing his lunch. And now Danny has to rewrite his report about the ocean and use, ahem, actual research. His loyal but nerdy best friend Wendell suggests the library, but Danny has a way better plan.

This book is sort of like but not quite a graphic novel. There are pages of text but there are also pages of illustrations where the only text is the word bubbles. The illustrations are cute and deceptively simple with just green tones but they are very expressive. Danny and his longsuffering friend are both very relatable with the banter between them and the regular growing up and going to school issues. The parents, the bully, and even the potato salad are interesting characters even though they have smaller parts. There is a lot of humor throughout the book and I like the relationship between the two friends. Danny does learn some things about the ocean but it is rather mixed up with some mythical things as well so I wouldn’t say it was educational. It’s a quick and fun read.

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