Monday, March 21, 2011

Colony Review

Colony by Scott Reeves

(from the back of the book)
On New Earth, it’s the same old, same old…
In the 30th century, a group of colonists arrives on a far-off planet to begin new lives free from the taints of old Earth’s corrupt civilization.
But they’ve unwittingly brought a snake with them into their Garden: a ruthless, violent thug plans to seize power and bring the entire galaxy into his bloody hands.
Only one man stands in his way…

Earth is over populated so they send people into space. It’s not an original idea and at first it doesn’t seem like this story is going to be anything new. But as you go along and the story starts to take shape little pieces and ideas all begin to add up to an original spin. Some of the characters are slightly one dimensional but they still manage to be interesting. The aliens are interesting and original as well. There is action, suspense and a little bit of romance. The danger of the terrain and of the struggle within the group keeps you wondering who will survive and who will win. There are small twists along the way that keep you from figuring out how the whole thing will turn out so the story keeps your interest until the end. I like that Reeves gives the colonists the hope of the new life that they can make for themselves but at the same time doesn’t let them just escape all the troubles of Earth but has some of those troubles follow them. Unfortunately there are typos that are distracting at times and interrupt the story slightly. But as a whole it’s a solid and entertaining story.

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