Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Reading Challenges

I recently finished the last of the reading challenges that I had signed up for this year.

I did four (4):

Support Your Local Library Challenge
Young Adult Book Challenge
Books Off the Shelf Challenge
75 Books in 2010 Challenge

And I’m wondering whether I’m going to do any next year. I must admit that I like to make lists of the books that I’ve read and I do like the feeling that I reached some kind of goal when I fill in the last book. But I’m not sure why I do reading challenges. I tend to pick ones that don’t really push me at all. I was pretty certain I would have no problem completing all of these because it wouldn’t be much different from what I would have read anyway. And I also tend to pick numbers that are not impressive. So they don’t get me to read faster, or read something I might not read otherwise. So what is the point? I’ll have to think about next year. Do I just want to do my normal reading and call it a challenge like I did this year? Do I want to pick a challenge that might actually be a challenge? Or do I want to forget the whole thing? I think if I decide to do 2011 challenges I’ll want them to be worth doing. Something that will make me have to try to finish it. Even if that means, in the end, that I don’t. I have a month to figure out what I’m going to do. But knowing me I’ll procrastinate until sometime in June and the whole point will be moot anyway. We shall see.

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