Sunday, November 7, 2010

Arizona Free Review

Arizona Free by Doug Martin

(from the back of the book)
When three co-workers searching for a way out of the corporate rut they an irresistible multi-level marking product called DiNAmite it was love at first sip. But as Jason, Tony and Cloe soon find out, there’s more than just caffeine in that supercharged energy drink: it’s chalk full of dinosaur DNA, and it’s causing some unusual changes in peoples’ behavior… and bodies.

Based on a completely untrue story, Arizona Free will have you wondering if artificial DNA transcription is really all it’s cracked up to be, and just how far you’d go to serve your corporate masters. For an energy drink experience that’s out of this world, a little mayhem is in order. Caution: it’s a trip

A book about an energy drink that contains dinosaur DNA and has unexpected effects on the people who drink it sounded quirky and fun. And in some ways it is. But in other ways it falls flat. Such as the characters, which are all rather underdeveloped. And I found myself distracted by the odd dialogue that didn’t sound natural. And once the aliens showed up I realized that is was not the book I was expecting. It reads like a bad sci-fi movie where everyone is running around doing things that don’t make any logical sense. The twist at the end helps to explain this somewhat and it also helps itself by the fact that it knows it reads like a bad sci-fi movie and keeps reminding us of the fact, making it evident that that is the intent but at times it is too self-aware of the fact and makes the point a little too blatantly. And poking fun at itself can only go so far and it isn’t quite enough here since it failed to make me laugh more often than not. It had its moments of wit and cheesy sci-fi goodness but in the end there just were not enough of them to pull this up to a good book.

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