Friday, July 30, 2010

The Friday 56, 99 Coffins

* Grab the book nearest you. Right now.
* Turn to page 56.
* Find the fifth sentence.
* Post that sentence (plus one or two others if you like) along with these instructions on your blog or (if you do not have your own blog) in the comments section of Storytime With Tonya and Friends.
*Post a link along with your post back to Storytime With Tonya and Friends.
* Don't dig for your favorite book, the coolest, the most intellectual. Use the CLOSEST.

The book this week is 99 Coffins by David Wellington. These are mean vampires. They tear people apart. No one is going to fall in love with them. At 90 pages in there isn’t too much gore yet but I assume that is coming soon.

The sentence:

“That’s good. Now, what we do next is –“

What we do next turned out to be chasing a vampire down the street with nothing for a weapon except for the car she is driving. Sound like fun?


Live Out Loud said...

I hope the car has a cross on it or went through the Holy Car Wash or something...

Mine is Agatha Christie!

Sherrie said...

I'm not into Vampire books, but this does sound intriguing. Have a great day!

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