Thursday, July 29, 2010

Come and Play

Down Under Views is hosting a Win a Book Wednesday.

If you win you get to choose any book from the giveaway page.

But to enter you have to play a little game.

The game works like this:

1. Each week you will be given a word and a book title that features that word.
2. Then it’s your turn to come up with book titles containing the same word, without duplication. Including the author would be nice, too.

That's it. There is a catch though. If they don't get 17 titles we have to start all over next week. Each person can submit 3 titles. I have my three in and am hoping for Remote Control by Jack Heath, so hands off. But definitely get over there and enter because if we can't get 17 titles nobody wins.

The word this week is FALL.

The contest goes from Wednesday to Wednesday so if you don't win this time you can always try again.

Come on, it's fun and easy and I know you want to help me out here so run on over right away.

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