Monday, September 12, 2022

Everything but the Kitchen Sink

Jurassic Parts by Byron Frimp and Maggio Slooter

Charlemagne Caine, a slacker and part time sleuth who seems to attract trouble, is going on a pre-wedding honeymoon with his fiancĂ©, Fallon.  Along the way they run into mobsters, fossil thieves, serial killers, vigilantes, and maybe even Bigfoot himself.

I have to say, this really isn't my cup of tea.  There are four or five plots going on at the same time.  Some of the characters and places overlap but they never actually come together to form one story.  You have a vigilante running around and serial killers and a carnival town and plots and schemes and, and, and.  It was all too much for me.  It had some funny moments and wordplay and puns that I enjoyed.  I just wish the authors had picked one or two of these story lines instead of throwing them all at me at once.  We start with some stolen fossils and then we move on to so many other things that by the time we got back to the fossils I had forgotten about them.  And there are bits that I don't understand the point of.  At one point we are reading a whole radio broadcast.  The radio host does play a part in the story, but I didn't need to read four pages of his radio show.  And there is a van full of mystery solving teens with a dog who anyone can guess who they are supposed to be, but they had no impact on the story, they were just shoved in there.  I think Charlemagne and Fallon are interesting characters.  And I did enjoy the humor for the most part.  I think I would have liked a version of this that was about 300 pages shorter.  All the stuff going on should have kept the excitement up.  But there were so many plots and so many side trips, outside the plots, that seemed to go nowhere, that the whole book dragged for me.

I got a free copy of this book from, Early Reviewers.

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