Friday, December 30, 2016

Five Horses Tavern Review

Five Horses Tavern

I was there on a Thursday at 5:30 with a group of nine. The place isn't very big, and it was kind of busy so I think that if we didn't have a reservation it would have been hard to get all of us seated. It is a cozy place but I did not feel crowded or cramped even with the large party. The service was great. Everyone was friendly and attentive. The food got mixed reviews. A few people ordered the ribs and shared some around, I didn't try them myself but, all six people who did said that they were too salty. No one was able to finish the whole plate of them. Most of the food was fine but nothing special. But there were a few exceptions. Everyone liked the haus pretzel. And the corn bread was a big hit. We were all talking about how good it was the next day. The phrase 'best corn bread I've ever had' was used more than once. I think the secret is butter. If you go, definitely get some. I don't think I would go back here for dinner but it would be a good place to go for drinks and appetizers with friends.