Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Strawberry Lemonade Tart

I got this recipe from the website Go Bold With Butter. With a name like that it has to be good. And this recipe sounded like the perfect thing for summer. Sweet strawberries and tart lemons combined in a bright tasting refreshing tart. And there isn't that much more in there. A few egg yolks and a little sugar.

If you would like to try it you can find it here.

I actually went out and bought a tart pan for this. I have always wanted one and kept saying to myself that I should get one but never got around to it. Now I have one so I have no excuse not to try all those tart recipes I've been putting off.

I like graham cracker crusts because I can do them. Unlike other pie crusts. But I find that sometimes they don't seem to have enough butter or something and even after they are baked they tend to crumble on me if I am not careful. This one, as you would expect of a recipe from a website with a name like Go Bold With Butter, seemed be more buttery than others I have done. And I think it has a lot to do with chilling it so the butter hardens, but it seemed to hold together better. Anyhow, it was nice and buttery and you could taste the buttery goodness in the finished tart.

The filling calls for a pint of strawberries and I was embarrassed to realize I didn't know what a pint of strawberries was. It wouldn't be the same as a pint of milk. That I could have figured out. And my grocery store does not sell them by the pint. I had a 16oz tub of strawberries and didn't know how many I should use. I did some research on the internet and concluded that 12 oz would be a pint. So that's what I used and hoped I was right.

By the way, when you pulverize a pint (or about a pint) of strawberries in your food processor they smell delicious.

The recipe says it will take about 2 lemons to get the 1/2 cup of juice but it took me three. Add the lemon juice, sweetened condensed milk and the rest to the berries and mix. (It looks like there is a lot of seeds in it and I was slightly worried about that but I didn't even notice them in the finished tart.) Then just pour it in the cooled crust and stick it in the oven. It says it will take about 35-40 minutes and when it is done it will be set at the edges and giggle a little in the middle. Well, I cooked it for 35 minutes and nothing was set and it giggled a lot. So back in it went. It seemed like I cooked it a lot more than the recipe said I would have to but finally it seemed ready. Unfortunately it was a rather odd color. The picture is a pretty pale pink. Mine was more a grey sickly pink that was unappetizing. I'm thinking next time I might add food coloring. Just a little. I don't want it bright red, just not grayish.

I cooled it and then put it in the fridge. You are supposed to chill it for at least 4 hours but it was late when I finished so I didn't taste mine until the next day. It was a hit. It is rather tart but I like lemon so that was okay with me. It had lots of flavor and tasted fresh. After a couple of days in the fridge the crust started to get a little soggy because the filling was so wet but it didn't last long enough for it to become a problem.

This one is a keeper. I think I'll be making it again.

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