Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Help Out Classrooms in Need

Donors Choose is a website that lets you help teachers and students all over the country.  The teachers create classroom projects and ask for funds on Donors Choose.  You can search by area, school or subject.  You can give any amount you like to any project like.

Here are a few that caught my eye.

Ms. Lewis needs Fitdesks so that students can exercise while they study.  You can donate here.

Ms. Lewis also needs Chromebooks to go with her Fitdesks.  You can donate here.

Mr. Maguire needs air conditioners to cool his classroom and make learning easier.  You can donate here.

Mrs. MacIsaac needs a whiteboard and some chairs to help her students learn.  You can donate here.

Ms. Marshall also needs Chromebooks to help her students connect to schools around the world.  You can donate here.

Mr. Cao needs calculus books.  I think you can guess what they are for.  You can donate here.

You will notice that all of these projects are from Boston Latin Academy.  I'm partial since I went there.  But maybe you went somewhere else and would like to help out your own school.  Or the school your children go to.  Or just love geometry and want to help kids learn.  Go over to and browse around until you find a project that speaks to you.

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