Monday, March 2, 2009

Testing 1 2 3

Okay. So I’m just trying to get the hang of things here so I thought I would post something else. And I thought a book review might be a nice start. I got this book from the early reviewers program at so the review is already written and everything.

The Charlemagne Pursuit by Steve Berry

The Charlemagne Pursuit hits the ground running and never slows down. There is a large cast of characters and several story threads that all start out independently and start to connect as the story moves along until you see how all the pieces fit together. There is a lot going on and the story jumps from one thread to another as you read. I like the almost puzzle quality this gives the book and enjoyed following as the characters and threads met. However I could see how it would turn some people off for almost the same reasons that I enjoyed it. There are a lot of pieces that you have to keep track of as you read and the constant shift between those pieces, usually right at some pivotal moment, might be seen as frustrating. I liked the nonstop action, the interesting characters, the riddles, and all of the historical details. I was glad for the notes at the end too that explained what was history and what was invention. This was the first Cotton Malone book I have read but I do not think it will be the last.

In fact after I wrote this I went out and bought the first book in the Cotton Malone series. I have not had a chance to read it yet but it is near the top of my TBR pile.

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