Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Pig,The Prince and the Unicorn Review

The Pig, the Prince, and the Unicorn by Karen A. Brush

(from the back of the book)

Behind the Gate lurks chaos, carnage, horror vast and evil unimaginable. And the Gate must be locked every hundred years, or the world will be plunged into darkness.

The Key Bearer must be fearsome enough to fight Pitch Fiends, wage war against the Water Demons, defy Death Wings and master the Manslayers.

The Key Bearer is chosen by the key itself. And this century it has chosen an unlikely hero. Instead of awesome, he’s winsome. Instead of beheading his enemies, he befriends them. Instead of a war-hungry sword, he has a curly tail. He’s bigger than a bread box, but barely…

A young little piglet is chosen to save the world and along the way finds that he is stronger than he imagined and that when faced with great responsibility knowing who to believe is sometimes the hardest part. It's a cute little story. An unlikely hero who faces great danger and manages to get places simply because he is cute and loveable. He's naive and not yet jaded with the world and sees things differently than those around him. Not set in his ways like everyone else he questions what others have taken on faith all their lives. So there are some good themes and some fun stuff in here. But there are some odd things too. Half the book takes place under water and you have someone washing and drying off while in the water, or you have a pig running while holding a jar in his hooves and you are not sure how the author meant for those things to work out in this world she created. And the ending is rather too neat and easy to be quite believable. It’s a goofy, cute little story. An easy fun way to kill a few hours but there isn’t very much depth here in characters, plot or setting.

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