Monday, July 2, 2012

Trollhunter Review

With Otto Jespersen

Three students think they are making a documentary about a bear poacher only to find that he is not hunting bears, but trolls.

I’m not a fan of movies that use the ‘found footage’ format. Where you have supposedly real footage shot by an amateur or film crew or something. And this is one of those. So you have all the odd camera movements and shots of the ground and bad sound quality that comes with that. It can also be a bit boring at times and is very slow to get started. I do like the story though. It is a fun concept and it is interesting to hear the troll facts (about the different kinds, how to kill them, how to contain them etc.) and the characters are pretty good too. And I like how they did the trolls themselves and that you got to see the trolls in more than just a blurry spot as the camera flashes by. There is some action as they run for their lives and fight trolls and some tense moments as you wonder if they will survive but there is a lot of footage of the forest and footage of interviews with people so it does slow down a lot at times. I liked it but I wouldn’t say it was great. And definitely not for someone who wants a non-stop action sort of movie.

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