Sunday, September 25, 2011

Forbidden Planet Review

With Walter Pidgeon and Leslie Nielsen

A spaceship is sent out to find out what happen to a colony that was sent out 20 years earlier.  What they find is a planet empty of everyone but two survivors and a the deadly answer to the question of what happen to the colony and the long dead civilization of the planet.

I thought this movie took a while to get started. It is just a little bit slow in the beginning but picks up later. Watching it now there is nothing mind blowingly new but it is still fun to watch. The special effects are good enough and they didn't try to go over the top with them so even now nothing looks incredibly cheesy and laughable like so many other classic sci-fi movies. The story is pretty good and it is interesting to recognize so much of the cast. Some of the dialogue and acting is a little stilted and honestly just bad but the movie as a whole is suspenseful and entertaining. Definitely worth a look.

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