Monday, February 22, 2010

Omega Review

Omega by Patrick Lynch

(from the back of the book)
Los Angeles is under siege. A fatal bacteria is spreading out of control. No drug known to modern medicine can stop it…
…a genetically engineered antibiotic that could be mankind’s only prayer.
…a phantom drug that may not even exist.
..the last hope for respected surgeon Marcus Ford, whose thirteen-year-old daughter lies deathly ill.
…a relentlessly suspenseful medical thriller that has already begun to come true…

Omega is a medical thriller and like most medical thrillers there is a lot of medical jargon. It uses words like sternocleidomastoid and cricothyroidotomy and I have no idea what they mean. But that doesn’t matter. You can always understand the context well enough. Some of the terms and procedures are even explained for you right in the text which I found rather interesting. Marcus Ford turns into a bit of a tragic figure. When things start to go wrong for him they go wrong in a big way. You feel bad for him as he gets blamed for things that are beyond his control and his whole world seems to be falling apart and you want things to turn around for him but you know that they won’t and you wait with anticipation for the next horrible tragedy. You can understand his disbelief, outrage and helplessness as people die and no one will listen to him or let him help and the answers stay just out of his reach. Lynch does a great job of making the reader feel the desperation, fear, and urgency as things start to spiral out of control. It all starts out so small and builds until you can imagine it having disastrous and far reaching consequences. The story pulls you along as you follow Marcus as time and all his options run out. He doesn’t know who to trust, where to turn, what to do, or even what is right. It is suspenseful, engrossing, fast paced and an entertaining read.

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