Wednesday, August 19, 2009

undiscovered gyrl Review

undiscovered gyrl by Allison Burnett

Katie decides to take a year off before she starts college and documents this time in a blog. Undiscovered Gyrl is that blog. It reads a lot like a diary in that it is a first person account in dated entries and since it is an anonymous blog it is filled with thoughts and actions that probably would not usually be shared. This setting, though, allows for some interaction between Katie and the people who email or leave comments and I think her response to them is sometimes even more telling than the blog entries themselves. Katie is blunt and at time even crude. Her life is filled with sex and alcohol and other self destructive behavior and sometimes you want to shake her and make her see what she is doing. Other times you want to slap her because she seems to see what she is doing to herself but she just doesn’t stop. But at the same time you can’t help but feel for Katie because you can also see the hurt and pain. Burnett does a good job of creating a voice for Katie and keeping true to it so Katie sounds natural and believable and it is not hard to see Katie as real and to quickly become involved in her story. It is a fast read, not because it is light subject matter but, because the story is engrossing and somehow you find that you can’t look away. The ending leaves you with a lot of questions. Not just about the future but about the past as well. It is the kind of ending that some people will love and others will hate. I honestly don’t know if I like the ending or not. In a way I feel gypped because I felt like we were getting to know Katie and then, well, suddenly not but I definitely did not see it coming and it had me thinking about it long after I closed the book, two things that I think are good in an ending and often hard to achieve.

I won this book from a blog giveaway and wanted to thank It's DeeeLovely! for hosting the giveaway and picking me as the winner!

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Kelly said...

I generally don't like those kinds of endings. Thanks for the great review. I was on the fence about this book, I think I might just pass on it!