Friday, August 21, 2009

3-2-1 Giveaway

The Neverending Shelf has 100 followers! (Well, it's more than that now.) So to celebrate a bunch of books are being given away. How does it work?


Tier 3 winner will win 3 books or 1 giftcard from Tier 3 selections. It is only open to the 1st 100 followers

Tier 2 winner will win 2 books or 1 giftcard from Tier 2 selections. You must be a follower to enter this tier. If you entered for the contest for Tier 3, but do not win, you are automatically entered into this tier. If you are not a follower, but would like to enter for this tier, you may become a new follower.

Tier 1 winner will win 1 book or 1 giftcard from Tier 1 selections, and will be chosen from everyone else. This tier is perfect for those who want to enter the contest, but do not want to become follower. Also if you entered for the contest for Tier 3 or 2, but do not win your tier, you are automatically entered into this tier.

There will be 3 winners total-- one from each tier.
To enter, you must leave a comment with which tier you are entering for. You are ONLY able to enter for one tier. It would also be REALLY helpful if you include which books you are entering for as well.
Please also include your email address.

Extra entries:
+2 for each time you advertise this contest - sidebar, twitter (please @neshelf), blog, etc. Please leave a link.
+1 for becoming a follower.
+2 if you were already a follower.
+4 for grabbing the blog button.

** Contest ends September 13 at Midnight CST

There are lots of wonderful books to choose from so run on over and take a look.

Update -- The rules have changed slightly for how the groups are split up. The end date is still the same and if you have already entered you should be fine but you might want to take a look at the new rules anyway.

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