Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In the Minority

Summer is coming but it has been cool and rainy around here. Which is just fine with me. Partly because I like the rain and often go out and play in it. But the real reason that I like this weather is that heat and I do not get along. I don’t do well in the heat. Many people look forward to the Summer and trips to the beach and all of that but I spend most of my time trying to stay hydrated and worrying that I’m going to pass out due to heat exhaustion. First of all, I sweat. A lot. I think I sweat more than anyone I know, have ever seen, or even heard of. If that is an exaggeration it isn’t by much. And being sweaty is no fun at all. Not for me and probably not for the people around me either. In the Summer heat every little effort seems like too much. Just walking around becomes hard work. But finding a place to sit down is not that easy either because in my living room that fans and air-conditioners can not seem to lower to a comfortable temperature my sofa becomes some sort of torture device. I sit down and the upholstery seems to wrap around me like a big heavy blanket until I am cooking in my own juices. And actual cooking is out because I’m certainly not going to create more heat by turning on the oven nor am I going to stand anywhere near an active stovetop. So if it can’t be done in the microwave it isn’t getting done. I am too uncomfortable to sleep and so I am even more cranky than usual. And unfortunately I’m not a big fan of iced coffee but hot coffee does not seem like a reasonable thing to be drinking when it is 90 degrees so even getting my caffeine fix becomes problematic. So I spend my Summer drinking lots of ice water and waiting for Fall to bring some relief. People around me keep wondering when it is going to start feeling like Summer but I am grateful for each day the Summer heat holds off. I was enjoying the cool rainy day recently and one of my co-workers mentioned that it was supposed to get up over 80 by the end of the week. She said it like it was a good thing. It made me want to cry. But I know that that puts me in the minority and so I keep my mouth shut. No reason to let everyone know that I am getting so much joy out of what they consider a bad thing. Some times I think I should feel badly about that. But I have yet to feel badly enough that I can honestly wish for the rain and cool temperatures to stop. I figure it will be all too soon that the tables are turned and everyone else is happy in the heat and I am the one miserable. So I might as well enjoy it while I can. Because no matter how hard I wish I know that it will not last forever.

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