Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday 56 and Book Beginnings (Oct. 7th)

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Book Beginning is hosted by Rose City Reader. All you have to do is share the opening line of the book you're reading and what you think about it. Check out the other posts here.

My book this week is Queen of the Dark Chamber by Christiana Tsai.  It is the autobiography of Christiana Tsai who grew up in China and suffered great persecution when she became a Christian.

Book Beginnings:

It was the twelfth day of the second month, and all over China, people were celebrating the Birthday of the Flowers, by tying red strips of cloth on the trees and bushes.

This sounds like a happy beginning.  Somehow I knew it wasn't going to be all Birthday of Flower celebrations though.

Friday 56:

Rumors spread that the god of the locomotive demanded human sacrifices.

I'm just getting to the part where she is having to choose between the easy life she has been living and the new inner peace she has found. 


Emma at Words And Peace / France Book Tours said...

I have read other stories of Christian persecution in China. powerful! I feel lukewarm in comparison. I'm actually reading right now the life of Saint Luke, an Orthodox Russian bishop and surgeon. Unbelievable persecution

Kathy Martin said...

Sounds interesting. This week I have Death Among Rubies by R. J. Koreto - a historical mystery. Happy reading!

Laura Thomas said...

Probably not one I'd grab but I bet it captivates you once you start reading it:)

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Anne Bennett said...

Why wasn't it going to be a happy flower celebration for her? Good hook. My Friday Quotes

Breana M. said...

This sounds like something I would read. Thanks for mentioning it. :-)

Sandra Nachlinger said...

Sounds like an interesting history.
My Friday post features The Songbird’s Call.

Maria said...

I've never read a book about a persecution but I've watched movie adaptations of books about Christians being persecuted in China, Russia before the Iron Curtain fell and other communist countries and they are all very powerful movies so I'm sure this book will be a powerful read. I don't think I'm emotionally up for this type of book right now but I will add it to my list for when I am. Great choice. Here's my Friday meme

fredamans said...

Sacrifices?! I'm in! LOL Happy weekend!

Lauren Stoolfire said...

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

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