Saturday, August 13, 2011

No Place For Gods Review

No Place for Gods by Gerald W. Mills
(Aka Then is the Power)

All technology in Las Vegas has been destroyed and the city is in chaos. The president of the United States is at a loss as to the cause until he is told Russia is responsible and if he does not agree to the annexation America there will be more cities destroyed.

It’s an interesting concept. All of the United States is held hostage by the threat of some unknown, unstoppable power. Mills does a good job of showing the president’s difficult situation as he is under the pressure of a deadline and he must make unpopular decisions and rely on unusual ideas to try to come up with a solution to an impossible problem. There is a real sense of suspense here. There are some interesting characters, some romance, some action, and intrigue which make it a compelling story. It is a very busy plot though. There are a myriad of groups running around here and sometimes it is hard to remember where all the individual characters belong. As everything and everyone starts to come together and names get thrown out I got a little confused about whose side everyone was on. The hero of the piece is not exactly warm but he is likeable enough and you can root for him as tries to do the right thing but still fights for his right to live his own life and to not become a victim of either side. I like the story and enjoyed how most of the plot strings concluded, especially since some of them were unexpected. It is an entertaining read but I think sometimes there was just a little too much going on with too many people involved and it could become muddled.

I want to thank Gerald Mills for providing a free copy for review.

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