Monday, May 16, 2011

Journey to Promethea Review

Journey to Promethea
With Billy Zane

There is a tyrant on the throne and the people wait for the fulfillment of the prophecy that will bring back the spirit of an old hero in a young boy, who with the help of a special sword will bring about a time of peace.

It was rather amazing how bad this was. It starts with a little set up of the prophecy and then you watch three groups of people wander around in the forest badly delivering poorly written and sometime completely nonsensical lines and then getting into poorly choreographed and boring swordfights. Add to that a thin unoriginal plot, some really bad affects and costumes that look like they were cobbled together from what they could find in their closets and you have something not worth watching. The quality of the acting, writing and film itself suggest that a bunch of friends walked into the local woods with a video camera. Billy Zane tried but he had nothing at all to work with.

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