Sunday, April 19, 2009


Someone was handing out free samples of Quaker Mini Delights 90 calorie packs so I took some. It seemed like a good idea at the time. They were free and it said both delights and chocolatey drizzle on the package. Mini Delights are ‘bite sized light crispy multigrain cakes’. In this case with ‘chocolatey drizzle’ on them. I think chocolatey means chocolate like but not actually chocolate. Unfortunately they are very much like eating crunchy air. There is just a hint of ‘chocolatey’, just enough to know that it’s there. But if it wasn’t for the drizzle there would be absolutely no flavor at all. Plus they are not filling. They would only curb your appetite the way gum would. They give your jaw something to work on so you’re not sticking everything edible you see in your mouth (or am I the only one who does that?) but once they are gone it is like they were never there. I’m not thinking ‘wow, all that for just 90 calories,’ I’m thinking ‘I can’t believe that was a whole 90 calories.’ Maybe if you have a normal appetite and not a gluttonous one like me you might have a different experience but I was left wondering if there was any point to the existence of these multigrain cakes. Personally, I’d rather save 90 calories by not eating them and when I have saved up enough I’ll eat something I might actually enjoy. Of course, since I continue not to lose any weight I think there might be something wrong with my math.

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